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Print Making

"Horizon", Woodblock printing, 2018

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Until I read this book.

In the book, the main character told that, to him/her, the relationship of 2 genders is like a Mobius strip, where the front is the back and the back is the front. If you work through it, they are actually on the same side."

"Keep Fire Away - Home"

silkscreen printing, 2018


"'But, I mean, why do YOU do art?' he reiterated.

It wasn’t until then that I realized that this was not a stupid question nor that I am more knowledgeable than him. 


Self-expression? Maybe, but what is so good in my art that I have to show people?

Addressing social issues? Maybe, but even so, have I accumulated enough knowledge to say anything at such a young age?

What else?


I am very lost. The [art] that I have believed firmly for my entire life just got crushed by a crude and unsophisticated question. 


I looked into my friend’s eyes with disparity."

"Sky - for Teddy"

etching, 2018

IMG_2129 2.jpg

"Look back,

look upside down,

now look inside out.

What do you see?"


woodblock printing, 2017

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